16:00 / 19:00 __Registration.
(Aula 218. FES building. Filosofía. Campus Unamuno.)
[The registration office will be open during the Congress days 14-15] 

WEDNESDAY___ 14/06/00

9:30 _Welcome Session: USAL.
(Aula Salinas. Historic building)

José A. Fernández. Vicerector of International Relations.
Sebastian Álvarez. Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy.
María Manzano. Aracne Coordinator.

10:00 / 10:45 __Plenary session: The teaching of logic in Science and Humanities. (Aula Salinas. Historic building)

Dick de Jongh. University of Amsterdam, Holland.
Chairperson: Gladys Palau. University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

10:45 / 12:45 __Dicussion Session: Issues and Objectives in Teaching Logic in Humanities.
(Aula Salinas. Historical building)
Moderator: Angelo Montanari. University of Udine, Italy.

Huberto Marraud. Autonomous University of Madrid. Spain.
Angel Nepomuceno. University of Sevilla, Spain.
Lucila González. Complutense University of Madrid. Spain.
Francisco Salguero. University of Sevilla, Spain.


15:30 / 16:45 __Round Table: Logic and Knowledge.
(Aula 217, Campus Unamuno, FES building)
Moderator: Fernando Broncano. University of Salamanca, Spain.

Gladys Palau. The role of Logic in the learning process. University of Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Atocha Aliseda. The Teaching of Heuristic Reasoning with Logic: A proposal for a Philosophy of Science Course. UNAM. México

17:00 / 19:00    Registration 
(Aula 218, FES Building)

17:00 / 18:30    Logic as «the» interdisciplinary Science par excellence.
(Aula 217. FES building)

María Manzano. ARACNE. University of Salamanca. Spain.
Alberto Policriti. Technical Aspects of the Metabook, Construction and Use. University of Udine. Italy.
Ramón Béjar. On Line Dictionary of Logic: System Description. University of Lleida. Spain.


9:00 / 12:00   Registration
(Aula 218. FES building)

9:30 / 10:30__Software for Teaching Logic and Reasoning.
(Aula 217. FES building)
Moderator: Ramón Béjar. University of Lleida. Spain.

Ulrich Endriss. The Interactive Learning Environment WinKE for Teaching Deductive Reasoning. King's College. United Kingdom.
Silvana Zappacosta. Presentation of PANDORA. Imperial College. United Kingdom.

10:30 / 11:15__ Plenary session. Teaching Reasoning using Heterogeneous Logic: Hyperproof.
(Aula 217. FES building)

John Etchemendy. Stanford University. USA
Chairperson: Dick de Jongh. University of Amsterdam. Holland.

11:15 / 11:45___Break.

11:45 / 13:30 ___Logic Tutoring Software.
(Aula 217. FES building)
Moderator: Antonia Huertas. IES Infanta Isabel de Aragón. Spain.

Alex Klijn. Effective Translations of Didactic Principles into Logic Tutoring Software. University of Ghent. Belgium. 
Arancha Simón. Learning Computational Logic with and Intelligent Tutoring System: SIAL. University of Valladolid. Spain.
Aitor Mata. Ulises' Enigmas. University of Salamanca. Spain.
Richard Moot. Presentation of Grail. University of Utrecht. Holland. (Aula 2 Informática. FES building)

13:30 ___Lunch.

15:30 / 17:00 ___Words and Worlds.
(Aula 217. FES building)
Moderator: Lydia Sánchez. University of Salamanca. Spain.

Raffaella Bernardi. Logic and Language from the Outside. University of Utrecht. Holland.
Concepción Martínez. The relevance of the Semantic Approach for the Teaching of Logic. University of Santiago de Compostela. Spain.
David Miller. Word Games for Formal Logic. University of Warwick. United Kingdom.

17:00 / 19:00 __Arrows, Probability & Algebras.
(Aula 217. FES building)
Moderator: Ruy de Queiroz. University of Pernambuco. Brasil.

Miklos Ferenczi. Algebraic Logic and Probability Theory. Techn. University of Budapest. Hungary.
Corina Yoris. The notion of validity as the key to understand the fallacy of false cause. Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. Venezuela.
Ezra Heyman. Introducing Reflections on Relevance Logic in Introductory Courses. Central University of Venezuela. Venezuela.
Sandra Lazzer and Gladys Palau. The Challenge of Formalizing Conditional. University of Buenos Aires. Argentina.

(Sala Pinturas. Colegio Mayor Fonseca)

FRIDAY ___16/06/00

9:30 / 11:00 __Teaching Logical/Mathematical Thinking and Proofs in High and Elementary School.
(Aula 217. FES building)
Moderator: Atocha Aliseda. UNAM. Mexico.

Antonia Huertas. Teaching Logical Reasoning in High School. IES Infanta Isabel de Aragón. Barcelona. Spain.
Raymundo Morado. A Group Effort to Discover a Theory of Logic Teaching: The Mexican Experience. UNAM. Mexico.
Tulio Olmos. Logic for Children. Central University of Venezuela. Venezuela.

11:30 / 12:00__Break.

11:30 / 13:30 __Computerization of Proofs: Diagrams, Trees & Turing Machines.
(Aula 217. FES building)
Moderator: Angel Nepomuceno. University of Sevilla. Spain.

Horacio Faas. Diagrams and Proofs. National University of Córdoba. Argentina.
Rein Prank. Some Further Steps after the Computerisation of Predicate Calculus. Tartu University. Estonia.
Walter Hoering. The advantages of Smullyan's Tree calculus for teaching logic, and a Program for teaching testing derivations: SM-tutor. Tuebingen University. Germany.
Emilio Rodríguez. An Aplicattion for Translation of Spanish Sentences into First Order Logic Implemented in PROLOG. University of Salamanca. Spain.

13:30 ___Lunch.

15:30 / 16:45 __Logic and Dissemination in Holland.
(Aula 217. FES building)

Jan van Eijck. Logic and Dissemination in Holland. Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science. Amsterdam. Holland.
Jan Jaspars. The Dissemination of Logic in Dutch Secondary Schools. Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science. Amsterdam. Holland.

17:00 / 18:30 __Algorithms and Software.
(Aula 217. FES building)

Felip Manya. Local Search Algorithms for SAT in a Course in Logic for Computer Science. University of Lleida. Spain.
Agustín Valverde. Master Thesis for Providing Feedback to the Logic Classroom. University of Malaga. Spain.
Faraón Llorens and Sergio Mira. ADN (Natural Deduction Assistant) University of Alicante. Spain.

SATURDAY ___17/06/00

9:30 / 11:00 __My Virtual Logic Homework for the new Millennium.
(Aula 217. FES building)

Santiago Negrete. My Virtual Logic Homework for the new Millennium. UNAM. México.
Neus Budesca. Mathematical Logic Tutor-PropositionaI Calculus. Rovira i Virgili University. Spain.
Josje Lodder. Logic for Computer Science in Distance Education: The Logic Courses of the Open University of the Netherlands. Holland.
Diego Rosales. Education and Technologies of the Information: A Step More. Instituto Teológico Compostelano. Perú.


11:30 / 12:30__Closing Session.
(Aula 217. FES building)

What will the Future bring?

Session conductor: Ian Hodkinson. Imperial College of London. United Kingdom.


Jan van Eijck. University of Amsterdam, Holland.

John Etchemendy. University of Stanford. USA.

Maria Manzano. University of Salamanca, Spain.

David Miller. University of Warwick, United Kingdom.

Alberto Policriti. University of Udine, Italy.

Ruy de Queiroz. University of Pernanbuco, Brasil.